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Photographer, Owner:

Alejandro Bruner-Solas

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As a child, I would spend hours looking at family photos that my mom kept in neatly organized tins. Those tins were like time capsules. I could open them and immediately be brought to a moment that told a story in my life. Preserved forever, in still photos. Photos spread out before me like an essay of my life!

Hence why I love lifestyle photography. I want to follow your stories and capture the moments that perhaps change your life forever. I feel that photography often tells a story better than words by catching an occurrence that just cannot be verbalized.

Third Light Photography represents painting your life stories with light. I am passionate about photography and the simple details in each instance. My vision is to provide you with a positive experience to start creating your own time capsules. Because I still have those tins, and they continue to mesmerize.

I live with my wife/ business partner Melissa, and our fur kids in the Denver Colorado metro area. We are more than willing to travel around the metro area. Our specialties include individual and family portraits based on your unique needs.

Business Manager, Owner:

Melissa Bruner-Solas

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I have had the privilege of working with clients of all ages and backgrounds as an Occupational Therapist, to assist them in improving their life skills to be as independent as possible.  When my husband and I started our business, I began to think about how I could further use those skills through photography.

I also began realizing that some of my clients with disabilities, for various reasons, often choose not to have their photo taken.  Therefore, one of my favorite visions for the future of our business is to positively promote individuals and families with unique needs through our lifestyle photography.  We want to facilitate people from all walks of life to feel amazing in their photos!

Third Light Photography wants to celebrate our different stories. Because really, who wants to be ordinary?

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